Online Submissions

Each year of registration, regulated members of the College of Dietitians of Alberta must submit their Continuing Competence Program (CCP) submissions online. Regulated members are required to submit a minimum of two Learning Goals for each year of registration (with additional learning goals for each restricted activity authorization). Online CCP learning goal submissions consist of the following mandatory fields for each goal:

  • Standard
  • Indicator
  • Learning Activities (minimum one)
  • Benefit to Practice
  • Reflection on learning and competence enhancement for each learning goal (1,000 character limit)

The following suggestions are offered to regulated members as a guide when completing the Continuing Competence Program and submitting reflections each renewal.


Regulated members should select the indicator from the Standard that represents their priority focus for the year. The indicator (or its interpretation) can be broad in nature and you may choose to focus your learning goal on a specific component of that indicator.

Learning Activities

We recommend that regulated members choose a variety of learning activities depending on their learning style and goals. You will be required to select an option from the list that best represents your specific learning activity. A minimum of one activity is required.

Benefit to Practice

Regulated members must select one expected benefit to practice of achieving the CCP learning goal from the drop-down list.


Reflections should:

  1. Clearly identify your learning goal relative to the performance indicator chosen.
    For example, if you chose Standard 4 Collaborative Practice, Indicator e. Effectively manage conflict with clients and team members, a learning goal would be written like this at the beginning of your reflection:
    I wanted to learn more about conflict management to enhance team functioning.
  2. Briefly summarize your learning activities.
    A summary of learning activities could be written like this:
    I reviewed Managing and mitigating conflict in health-care teams, webinar by Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. Conducted literature review on conflict management in health teams; wrote summary notes on findings and solutions; shared notes and webinar information with my work team.
  3. Briefly summarize what you learned from your activities.
    I learned how to prevent and manage conflict, specifically de-escalating conflict, with my team. I also learned that discussing strategies with the team before they occur was a beneficial activity to do together.
  4. Briefly state how you are more competent in your practice as a result of your learning, or how your practice as a professional has been enhanced.
    My competence has been enhanced as a result of improved relationships coming from my learning and our team discussions on conflict. I also know I have gained skill because an RN and I together de-escalated a challenging situation with a colleague, which ended up benefiting client care and furthering trust within the team.

The College requests that each regulated member provide sufficient information as part of their reflections, to help us understand:

  1. What your learning goal was related to the standard and indicator you chose,
  2. What the learning activities were that you undertook (a summary of the specific activities you undertook vs. the online selection field, which gives general categories of activities),
  3. What you learned from those activities, and
  4. How practice or competence was enhanced as a result of your learning.

General Instructions for Completing your CCP

  • When selecting a learning goal, choose only one standard and indicator to base each goal around.
  • Ensure your goal is a learning goal.
  • Write your goal with SMART characteristics in mind.
  • Complete activities within the Continuing Competence year (April 1 to March 31).
  • During reflection, please be clear and concise in your writing. Avoid the use of acronyms or terms that may not be understood by others. There is a 1,000-character limit on all reflections.
  • Ensure your goals and activities are not job-related duties or responsibilities.

Additional Information

Once Learning Goals have been submitted following online registration renewal, regulated members can view their submissions on their Login for Regulated Members.

Each year, regulated members will be required to submit CCP learning goals and reflections for the previous registration year as well as indicate what their proposed CCP learning goals will be for the upcoming registration year. Please note that the proposed learning goals can be updated at any time during the year under “My Learning” section of the Login for Regulated Members.

We ask regulated members to consider that, although we have made it easier to submit reflections through an online platform, regulated members must continue to track learning activities, track verification of those activities and maintain good records in order to write a specific reflection, and for submission to the College in the case of an audit. We encourage regulated members to utilize the CCP workbook/worksheets available online and to keep these in the case of an audit.

Please refer to the FAQ on Renewal and CCP page for answers to common renewal and CCP questions.