Application Documentation

Documentation provided must be the original documentation, or verified copies. If documents are in a language other than English, notarized translations must be provided. Any additional costs associated with obtaining the required documentation (i.e. external academic assessment, obtaining transcripts and registration documentation) as well as document translation and English language tests are the responsibility of the applicant.

A complete application for registration includes the following:

  1. Completed Application Form including required fee and additional application documentation (provided below). Click here to access the application for registration (International).
  2. Completed Self-Assessment Form: Cross-Reference to Integrated Competencies. Click here to access the self-assessment form.
    1. You must have Adobe Reader installed to view these documents.
    2. You should print, complete and sign before returning the original to the College office.
  3. Academic Assessment
    Internationally educated applicants must apply to the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) for a preliminary assessment of academic credentials. When completing the application, the College recommends requesting the Basic Assessment. Please complete the Release of Assessment Results to Other Institutions/Organizations section of the form so that IQAS can send the College a copy of the assessment report. Please note, the preferred assessment service of the College is International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS). Alternative assessment service agencies may be approved upon request to the Registrar.
    9th floor, 9942 108 Street
    Edmonton, AB   T5K 2J5
    Phone: 780-427-2655
  4. Official transcripts and course descriptions
    Applicants will need to provide the College with official transcripts confirming each degree obtained and the year it was awarded along with university calendar-detailed course descriptions and course outlines to assist in the detailed course review. The College uses the information you submit to determine whether you meet the academic requirements for registration. Be sure to submit sufficient detail for an adequate assessment of your educational qualifications.
  5. Practical training/internship verification
    Applicants must provide a letter from the internship director confirming successful completion of an internship program and date of completion along with outlining the total length of program and length of time spent in each practice area. The written confirmation should be on letterhead and signed and dated by the internship director. Applicants must also provide a detailed summary of their practical training including duration, rotations, facilities and experiential activities (forms will be provided by the College). The College uses the information you submit to determine whether you meet the practice requirements for registration with the College. Be sure to submit sufficient detail for an adequate assessment of your practical training.
  6. Language proficiency
    Applicants must be able to demonstrate English language proficiency as a requirement for registration. Information on language proficiency can be found here. The verification must be an original document.
  7. Police information check obtained within one year of application. Click here to complete a MyBackCheck online.
  8. Resume/CV
  9. Work experience and continuing education verification (if applicable)
    If possible, applicants are encouraged to provide details of education activities undertaken within the past three years, prior to application that relate directly to dietetic practice. Also, provide details of work experience obtained within the past three years prior to application that relate directly to dietetic practice and at a level that would be expected of a practicing dietitian.
  10. Prior registration
    If applicable, applicants must request verification of current and/or previous registration with another dietetic regulatory body. Applicants should contact all dietetic regulatory bodies they have held registration with to request Verification of Registration be provided to the College office. The Verification of Registration must confirm the following details:

    1. That you currently are or have been registered in good standing in an active practice category.
    2. The date range of registration, as well as your individual registration number.
    3. That you have held registration without conditions, restrictions or limitations.
    4. Whether there were any conduct issues during registration.