Return to Practice Applicant

Applicants who have not held current registration with a regulatory body in Canada or practiced dietetics in three or more years are eligible to apply for assessment as a Return to Practice applicant.

Information Guide

The College has developed an informative guide on the application and registration process for Return to Practice Applicants to the College of Dietitians of Alberta. We encourage all applicants to review the guide prior to commencing the application process.  Click here to access the Information on Return to Practice Application for Registration Guide.

Application and Assessment

The College will assess the qualifications of a return to practice applicant to determine if the requirements for registration have been met. Part of the assessment process includes a College Competency Assessment for registration conducted at the University of Alberta by University faculty and staff, which is based on three components: a Foundational Knowledge Examination, Practice Competency Examination (also known as an Objective Structured Clinical Examination) and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI).

The assessment fee is $600—paid to the College once an individual is scheduled for assessment. Please note that you are responsible for any personal expenses associated with the assessment.

In order to complete the assessment, the applicant must submit the following:

    1. Completed application form including required fee for application and additional application documentation (provided below). Click here to access the application for registration (Return to Practice).
      1. You must have Adobe Reader installed to view this document.
      2. You may choose to complete the form online and print it before signing and returning the original to the College office.
    2. Official transcripts sent from the issuing institution.
    3. Letter verifying completion of internship program sent from program director.
    4. Police information check obtained within one year of application. Click here to complete a MyBackCheck online.
    5. Resume/CV
    6. Work experience and continuing education verification
      Applicants are encouraged to provide details of education activities undertaken within the past three years prior to application that relate directly to dietetic practice. Also, we ask that you provide details of work experience obtained within the past three years prior to application that relate directly to dietetic practice and at a level that would be expected of a practicing Dietitian.
    7. Verification of Registration with all previous dietetic regulatory bodies. Applicants will be required to contact each dietetic regulatory body directly to request Verification of Registration and to obtain the following:
        • Verification of Registration with regulatory body.
        • Official transcripts showing the degree conferred.
        • Letter verifying completion of internship program.
        • CDRE results (if available).
        • Marriage certificate (if available).

Any fee associated with processing the request for verification is the responsibility of the applicant.

The length of time it takes for an application to be complete and advance to the assessment process depends on the length of time it takes for an applicant to obtain and submit the required documentation. An applicant can start a file with the College office when they are ready to apply and the file will remain open as the applicant submits further documentation.

Assessments are completed twice per year, in Spring (March) and in Fall (August). Under provincial legislation, the College is required to make an interim registration decision to applicants within 6 months after receiving a complete application.

Following the Registration Committee’s review of all application documentation and assessment results, the College will send a letter outlining the requirements for registration. Based on any noted deficiencies in competence or knowledge, this can range from academic upgrading, dietetic bridging or any other requirements as determined by the Registration Committee. If additional dietetic bridging education is required, course costs are your responsibility. Applicants may request access to their application records; original documents submitted as part of an application are returned to applicants following the interim registration decision.

Under the Health Professions Act, an applicant may request a review of the interim registration decision by Council. The request must be submitted in writing to the attention of the Registrar within 30 days from the date of the registration decision notification. The request must set out the reasons why the application for registration should be approved with or without conditions.