Hearing Decisions

Complaint Summary – #2017-02

The College of Dietitians of Alberta received a complaint with regards to regulated member, practice permit 1856, in July 2017. The complaint was investigated by the College and proceeded to a Hearing Tribunal in January 2018. The member consented to an Admission of Guilt and a Joint Submission penalty whereby the member admitted to the following charges of unprofessional conduct: the member accessed via the electronic charting system health information from their own record, of their immediate family, of their friends / coworkers and their family members, and of other children, on one or more occasions without proper authority or reason to do so; the member failed to report improper accesses to health information to appropriate authorities prior to the employer’s investigation of such improper accesses; and, the member failed to accurately or truthfully disclose the extent of improper accesses to health information during a meeting with the employer, including when asked directly by the employer about the extent of improper accesses.

Following the Hearing Tribunal, a written decision was rendered in February 2018. Member #1856 was found guilty of unprofessional conduct concerning the five charges outlined in the Statement of Allegations.

In the Hearing Tribunal’s Penalty Decision rendered in February 2018, the Tribunal ordered the Hearing Tribunal’s written decision serve as a reprimand; the member’s practice permit be suspended until four (4) months have elapsed from the hearing date and the member successfully completes a boundaries and professional ethics course; for a period of eighteen (18) months from reinstatement, the member must provide the Complaints Director of the College with written confirmation from the employer that the member has provided the employer with a copy of the Hearing Tribunal’s written decision; and, the member shall be responsible for paying 75% of the costs of the investigation and hearing in this matter.