Review and Audit

review is an internal College process of ensuring members’ reflections match and are appropriate to their set goals. Every year, the College randomly selects one third of the membership for program review.

An audit includes a request from the College to submit CCP Workbook materials (including self-assessment, identification of goals, proposed activities and benefits to practice) in addition to documentation/verification of completed activities. The College will randomly select 10% of all reviewed programs for an audit. Should you be selected, you will be required to submit these materials to the College for review, which will also include a review of your final Continuing Competence Program goals, activities and evaluation / reflection.  It is therefore essential that you keep accurate records.

What you need to know if you are selected for an audit:

If you are audited you will be notified and be required to submit the requested information by a predetermined date. Completion of the audit is your professional responsibility. If selected, you will be required to submit the following:

  1. The appropriate Continuing Competence Program Workbook, including a completed practice profile (Part 1), self-assessment (Part 2) and Continuing Competence Plan worksheets (Part 3), where a minimum of two plans are required. If you are authorized to perform Restricted Activities, you must also submit worksheets for each that applies to you or alternate documentation including the above noted components of the workbook*.
  2. Documentation of learning activities completed – including specifics of activities and dates of completion.
  3. Verification of completed activities, including but not limited to:
    • Receipts, course certificates of completion and course outlines
    • Summary notes (Rounds, case studies, education sessions, summary of relevant findings from readings or discussions, etc.)
    • Dated email communications, contact information for colleagues and meeting dates
    • Copies of materials developed

You must demonstrate evidence of participation in the Continuing Competence Program in the form of activities undertaken if audited.

*As indicated, you are not required to use the College CCP Workbook, however you must be able to provide written evidence of having completed all steps of the CCP process.