Continuing Competence Program Requirements

One of the public protection mechanisms in the Health Professions Act is mandatory participation in Continuing Competence Programs. Fulfillment of the program requirements is linked to the annual registration renewal.

To maintain registration with the College, all Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists must:

  • Participate in the mandatory Continuing Competence Program of the College each year of registration, regardless of employment status
  • Complete the Practice Profile and Self-Assessment within the CCP Workbook or another form of written documentation
  • Complete Continuing Competence Plan 1 and Continuing Competence Plan 2, each including a goal, competence activities and evaluation of outcomes within the CCP Workbook or another form of written documentation and online
  • Complete a Continuing Competence Plan for each Restricted Activity (if applicable) within the CCP Workbook or another form of written documentation and online
  • Submit online the Continuing Competence Plans to the College during registration renewal by March 31
  • Identify online Continuing Competence Program goals for the upcoming registration year

New registrants to the College (registered on the general register after October 1 of the current registration year) are not required to complete the Continuing Competence Program during registration renewal in March. New registrants will begin the Continuing Competence Program following their registration renewal.

Dietitians who are not currently working in dietetic practice (i.e. dietitians who are working in non-traditional roles or not currently working i.e. maternity leave) may focus Continuing Competence Plan 1 (from Standards 1 – 3) on Competency 11: Acts as a reliable source for current food and nutrition information. This competency contains aspects that are unique to any professional who has earned the right to use the RD designation and therefore must be maintained.

In addition to the program requirements for Continuing Competence Plans 1 and 2, dietitians who are authorized to perform restricted activities must also develop one Continuing Competence Plan for each restricted activity that they are authorized to perform. If a member has received authorization for a restricted activity after October 1 of the current registration year, they will not be required to complete a Continuing Competence Plan during registration renewal in March, but will begin the Continuing Competence Program following registration renewal.

CCP Workbook

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Workbook is an essential tool for identifying and documenting your self-assessment, setting goals, and anticipating activities and benefits to your practice. The College encourages all members to use this resource when completing their CCP each year. Members should download a copy of the CCP Workbook to complete the practice profile and the self-assessment and to begin developing their Continuing Competence Plans.

The CCP Workbook has three parts to help members complete the Continuing Competence Program. We’ve included a summary of these parts below:

Part 1 – Practice Profile

The practice profile enables members to more easily complete the appropriate self-assessment tools—helping them to focus their learning on activities related to their practice.

Part 2 – Self-Assessment

The self-assessment tool is based on the Standards of Practice and Essential Competencies for Dietetic Practice and is designed to assist members in identifying their learning needs and document opportunities to develop and improve various aspects of their practice.

Part 3 – Continuing Competence Plan

The continuing competence plan helps members define competence goals and identify the resources and activities they need to achieve them. It also asks members to identify and reflect on the expected outcome of achieving their goals. This information is entered online during registration renewal and is accessed throughout the year on the members’ online profile.

During renewal, members will be prompted to identify performance indicators to base their learning goals around, identify one or more activities which may be completed to meet that goal, and identify the anticipated benefit to practice (evaluation) for the upcoming registration year. Throughout the year, members will then undertake and document planned competence activities. Members have access to their online CCP information throughout the year on their profile. By February, members should have documented their competence plans within the CCP Workbook and completed the continuing competence plans online. During renewal, members will reflect on the outcome that competence activities had on their practice.

Members must submit all Continuing Competence Program goals, activities and reflections online. Because CCP is online, it will be essential that members maintain excellent records of their goals, activities, and verification of activities including certificates, notes, written summaries, and/or any documentation that supports that you undertook the activities you identified. Please remember that you are required to keep CCP records dating back three years in case of an audit.

Click here to view the Continuing Competence Program Workbook (PDF format)

Click here to view the Continuing Competence Program Workbook (writeable Word format)

To assist you in successfully completing your Continuing Competence Program Workbook, we’ve provided examples of a practice profile, self-assessment and CCP worksheets for Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists.

Workbook Examples