Application Documentation

Documentation provided must be the original or verified copies. If documents are in a language other than English, notarized translations must be provided. Any additional costs associated with obtaining the required documentation (i.e. external academic assessment, obtaining transcripts and registration documentation) as well as document translation and English language tests are the responsibility of the applicant.

To be eligible for assessment, the applicant must first complete an Online Application for International Applicants. Access to create an account with the College to complete an application for registration. Click here to watch a brief demo video on How to Apply Online to the College (2:18)

In addition to the online application form, applicants will be required to provide application documentation. The College has created a Documents for Submission: Application for Registration (International Applicants) resource which includes a checklist and summary of the documentation required for a complete application. Click on the bold link to access the guide.

Any fees associated with providing the required documentation to the College office are the responsibility of the applicant.


Application Links & Documents

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