Registration Renewal

Each year, regulated members must submit a complete online registration renewal to the College that includes the registration renewal form, Continuing Competence Program submissions and fees in order to renew their practice permit for the upcoming registration year.

Information for Renewal

Registration Renewal is available online from March 1 to March 31 each year at the following link:

Resources, including a Guide for Using the Registrant Portal, Demo Videos for the Registrant Portal, and the CCP Manual are available online to assist you with the competence program and renewal process. Please refer to the resources found under Important Resources for Renewal and CCP should you have any questions.

The College recommends you complete your online registration renewal early in March to ensure that if you have any questions or should you encounter any difficulties, the College office will have a reasonable amount of time to assist you.

The College office will be closed from March 29-31, 2024 due to the statutory holiday followed by a weekend; renewal submissions requiring administrative review will not be addressed during this time therefore, we strongly encourage you to complete your renewal before March 28.

Late Renewal

According to the Health Professions Act, if a complete application for renewal of a practice permit is not received prior to midnight on March 31, the practice permit is automatically suspended and the regulated member may not practice. A late renewal penalty fee of $150.00 will be automatically applied. The Act requires that employers be notified when a practice permit is suspended or issued with conditions.

If March 31 falls on a weekend or holiday, mail or in person submissions for payment must be received at the College before the close of business on the last business day prior to March 31.

Effective April 1, access to the online registration renewal pages will be denied and regulated members will be required to contact the College to complete a late registration renewal.

Practice Permits

The practice permit is a licence to practice dietetics and use the protected titles of the College in Alberta. An individual may not practice or use the protected titles of the College (Registered Dietitian, Registered Nutritionist, Dietitian, Nutritionist, or RD) without a practice permit.

The College issues a practice permit to regulated members each year. The permit will indicate the following:

  • Name of the College and assurance that the permit is issued under the Health Professions Act,
  • Regulated member’s name and registration number,
  • Category of the register the regulated member is on,
  • Any conditions on the regulated member’s practice permit,
  • Whether the regulated member provides any restricted activities
  • Expiry date

The Health Professions Act requires that the practice permit be on display where the regulated member provides service or that the regulated member makes the practice permit available for inspection when requested by employers and the public.

The practice permit registration fee is tax deductible, and the College issues income tax receipts along with the practice permit.

Practice permits expire every year on March 31. Regulated members may not practice without a current practice permit.

Resigning from the College

Regulated members who are no longer practicing dietetics or who no longer wish to maintain their registration status can resign in good standing by completing a resignation form online during renewal and informing the Registrar in writing prior to March 31 that they are resigning from the College.

Regulated members who resign may no longer practice dietetics in Alberta or use the protected titles of the College.

Regulated members who resign from the College and wish to reapply for registration at a future date must meet all the registration criteria at the time of their application—which includes examination and current practice requirements.