Continuing Competence Program Requirements

One of the public protection mechanisms in the Health Professions Act is mandatory participation in Continuing Competence Program (CCP). Fulfillment of the program requirements is linked to the annual registration renewal.

To maintain registration with the College, all Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists must participate in the Continuing Competence Program of the College each year of registration, regardless of employment status, which includes the following:

  • Complete the CCP Self-Assessment online through the Registrant Portal each year, which will allow a regulated member to identify intended Learning Plans for the upcoming registration year
  • Complete and submit two Learning Plans online through the Registrant Portal, each including a learning goal, benefit to practice, record of competence activities and reflection on learning
  • Complete a Practice Profile and save in competence records, to be submitted to the College office as requested.

In addition to the program requirements for the two Learning Plans, dietitians who are authorized to perform restricted activities must also develop one additional Learning Plan for each restricted activity that they are authorized to perform.

Please refer to the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Manual for more information on meeting the program requirements, including the CCP Timeline.