FAQ on Renewal and CCP

Throughout the year, the College receives a number of questions regarding renewal and/or CCP. We’ve provided the answers to these questions below.

If you need more information, please contact us.

  1. When can I start completing online renewal?
    Registration renewal runs from March 1 to March 31 each year. You will receive an email in late February informing you of when renewal will begin.
  2. I don’t want to miss any information about renewal. How do I check that my contact information is correct?
    At any time throughout the year, you can access the Login for Regulated Members to review your online profile and ensure that all information is current and correct. This includes your personal contact information, employment information and registration information. Regulated members must ensure the College has up-to-date contact information and should contact the College if they do not receive the email with renewal information by the end of February.
  3. I forgot my credentials for the Login for Regulated Members. Where can I find this?
    Every regulated member has a unique login. Your username is your email address and your personal password. If you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot Your Password” or you can contact the College office to request a password reset.
  4. When can I start entering my CCP goals online?
    At any time throughout the year, you can access the Login for Regulated Members to review and update your CCP goals as proposed during renewal last year. At this time, regulated members only have the ability to update the drop-down fields under each CCP goal. When completing renewal, regulated members will be required to enter the reflections for each goal and submit your CCP. If you have completed your goals ahead of renewal, the College encourages you to prepare the reflections for each CCP goal. You may choose to either:

    • write down your reflections in the CCP Workbook on the provided worksheets, or
    • type the reflections into a Word document. This will allow you to check the character count (there is a 1,000 character limit) and will make it easy to copy and paste into the online submission for CCP goals in March.
  5. I became a regulated member of the College prior to October 1. Do I need to complete CCP goals for the current year?
    Regulated members who were registered on the general register before October 1 of the current registration year are required to complete a minimum of two CCP goals for submission during renewal. Regulated members who were approved to the general register after October 1 of the current registration year are not required to submit CCP goals during Renewal. You will begin the Continuing Competence Program effective April 1.
  6. I recently received authorization for a restricted activity. Do I need to submit a CCP goal for it during renewal?
    If you have any Restricted Activities (RA) authorized at any time during the current registration year, you will be required to submit a CCP goal for each RA in addition to your other two goals.
  7. I am on a leave of absence. Do I still need to complete my CCP?
    Regardless of your employment status, to maintain your registration with the College you are required to complete the online renewal, CCP and payment of fees by March 31 of the current registration year. If you no longer wish to maintain your registration, you will be required to complete the resignation section of the online renewal forms during March.
  8. What is the annual practice permit fee amount for this year’s registration renewal?
    The annual practice permit fee is $570.00 ($598.50 with GST). The fee can be paid online by Visa, MasterCard or by a cheque made payable to the College of Dietitians of Alberta.
  9. Where can I access my practice permit and income tax receipt?
    Once a complete registration renewal has been received in the College office, your practice permit and income tax receipt are available on the Login for Regulated Members. Most regulated members can expect to receive access to their online practice permit and receipt immediately after completing the online registration renewal with exception to regulated members submitting cheques and/or have an outstanding deficiency for their pending registration. Please note that the College does not send practice permits and official tax receipts by mail.
  10. How do I know if I am currently practicing dietetics?
    The College has prepared a statement on Current Practice. You can view the document here. During registration renewal, all regulated members will have to declare whether they meet the current practice policy. If you need more information on this, please contact our office.
  11. How do I know what my Area of Practice and Focus of Practice are?
    In order for the College to get an accurate account of the area and focus of practice for the College’s regulated members, the College encourages regulated members to read the Descriptions of Area of Practice and Focus of Practice document. It includes information to assist you in determining your area and focus of practice.

The College has developed a step-by-step Guide for Registration Renewal. This resource contains a step-by-step guide through the renewal process. Regulated members will be required to complete both the renewal forms as well as the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) online each year. Please refer to the CCP Workbook for information on the program, self-assessment and worksheets. It is essential that regulated members maintain excellent records of goals, activities, and verification of activities. If you are randomly selected for an audit, the College will request all supporting documentation. Regulated members are required to retain completed CCP Workbooks and related documentation for a minimum of three years. If you have any questions regarding registration renewal or the Continuing Competence Program, please contact the College office.