Are you ready to apply to CDA for assessment?

Applying for an eligibility assessment for registration with the College of Dietitians of Alberta (CDA) is the first step toward becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD) or Nutritionist in Alberta.

The following questionnaire will help you decide if you are ready to apply for an eligibility assessment and help you understand the College of Dietitians of Alberta’s registration requirements. Completing the questionnaire will not give you a decision on your eligibility for registration.

You must be registered with CDA and hold a practice permit before you can practice or work as a Registered Dietitian. The titles “Registered Dietitian”, “Registered Nutritionist”, “Dietitian”, “Nutritionist” and the initials “RD” are protected be law and cannot be used by an individual in Alberta unless they are authorized to do so by the appropriate regulatory body.

You must be registered with CDA if you will be:

  • assessing nutritional status and developing, implementing, and evaluating food and nutrition strategies and interventions to promote health and treat illness
  • applying food and nutrition principles to the management of food service systems and to the development and analysis of food and food products
  • promoting optimal health, food security and food safety through the development and delivery of food and nutrition education, programs and policies.
  • teaching, managing, and conducting research in the science, techniques, and practice of dietetics, and
  • providing restricted activities authorized by the regulations

This applies to all settings including: hospitals, clinics or doctor’s office, public health settings, long term care, outpatient clinics, wellness centres, colleges or universities and industry.